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Antonio established The Antonio Carluccio Foundation before he passed away in November 2017. A charity in his name to carry forward his legacy. The Foundation aims specifically to provide the resources, training and development needed by young otherwise disadvantaged cooks and chefs entering the hospitality industry and to support the work of charities and non-governmental organisations in alleviating hunger worldwide.

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Antonio’s Two Greedy Italians is back on TV every Saturday from May 2023.

Ukraine Crisis… Food For Heroes

The Foundation is working with friends and supporters to deliver food supplies to people impacted by the war in Ukraine. We have made grants to the World Central Kitchen who are on the ground setting up kitchens and cooking for displaced people in Ukraine and Poland and our friends Action Against Hunger who are working in Moldova.

Hospitality Action. Helping the hospitality sector to help itself.

During the early part of the pandemic, we supported their Covid response with a grant of £25,000. In December 2021 we added to that support with a further grant of £10,000.


We can carry on supporting wonderful projects with your help. A small donation goes a very long way with our partner charities.

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